TIDL (Treatment, Innovation & Dissemination Lab) recently changed its name to TIDR (Treatment, Innovation & Dissemination Research Group) to better reflect the changing nature of the cooperative.  Principal investigators within our collaboration have recently enacted their own individual labs, which we want to highlight, in addition to individual researchers.  Co-founder of TIDR, Dr. Matthew Smith, recently established Level Up: Employment Skills Simulation Lab.  TIDR principal investigator, Dr. Jaclynn Hawkins, established the Diabetes in Men’s Health (DIMH) Lab.  We hope to continue to expand and will recognize the accomplishments of individual researchers and research labs as a research group.

The Level Up: Employment Skills Simulation Lab

As one of the emerging social work research labs funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and National Institute of Justice, we apply rigorous social science research methods to develop and evaluate interventions targeting some of our country’s biggest social problems. Our mission at the Level Up: Employment Skills Simulation Lab is to help bridge the equity gap in employment opportunities for underserved groups. We are pursuing this mission within the context of the Grand Challenges of Social Work by harnessing technology for social good, ensuring healthy development for all youth, promoting smart decarceration, and eradicating social isolation.

Diabetes in Men’s Health (DIMH) Lab

The Diabetes in Men’s Health (DīMH) Lab at the University of Michigan develops, adapts and implements culturally tailored approaches to promote and sustain Type 2 diabetes self-management over time. Our current target population is Black men with Type 2 diabetes. We utilize evidence-based intervention programs that include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), community-based exercise, and peer-led diabetes self-management support (just to name a few).