About TIDR

TIDR is housed at the University Of Michigan School of Social Work. The Treatment Innovation and Dissemination Research Group began in 2011 with our founder, Joseph Himle, PhD. Dr. Himle created the lab to bring investigators and students together with the goal of addressing mental health service utilization disparities and the persistence of functional impairments after successful symptom-focused mental health treatment. The research group evolved to include an emphasis on technological solutions to address these persistent challenges. TIDR continues to have a focus in creating low-cost, sustainable interventions and a commitment to working with underserved individuals. The research group has grown from a single investigator and a few students to our current multidisciplinary, multi-institutional team of faculty, post-docs, students, and community partners. Today, TIDR is co-led by Dr. Himle, Dr. Matthew Smith, and Dr. Addie Weaver who have all dedicated their careers to improving the lives of individuals with untreated mental health needs.